Artist Statement

Cells Painting


acrylic paint and medium on acrylic

25 x 15 inches – 2012

Working primarily in textiles, I explore the minutiae of the physical and natural world. I find inspiration in the structures, textures, and forms observed in both organic and inorganic matter. The importance of the mundane and the microscopic, ignored, unseen, and often ephemeral, is a reminder of our temporal existence.

My process employs hand stitching for both mark-making and construction, binding together layers of textile-based elements with simple, repetitive stitches. The construct often unfolds within the spatial framework of a grid. The labor-intensive process and the evidence of the hand, with its intrinsic variability, are fundamental aspects of the created object.

In some of the work, particularly the art quilts, I focus on the spatial framework of the grid, distorted and never perfect in form.